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Happy employees are productive employees that give a company and an organization a positive image. Laughing employees achieve more, have less stress and are less ill. Scientific research has proven that laughing helps to convert negative stress into positive stress. Therefore you will feel better, both spiritually and physically.

SMILE AT WORK organizes LAUGHTER SESSIONS and LAUGHTER WORKSHOPS.  A laughter session is a unique concept of Unconditional Laughter, according to this; anyone can laugh for No Reason. It does not rely on jokes, humor or comedy. It initiates laughter as a form of an exercise in a group, and as the Laughter Sessions progress; Laughter becomes real and contagious. This results in multiple health benefits, primarily increasing the supply of oxygen and boosting the immune system. It energizes and recharges the metabolism, making one feel fresh and energetic.

Geert Van De Vijver Jef Boes

Hello Geert
Thanks again for the laughable laughter session yesterday at Vanhout!
Once pulled out of our comfort zone, it turned out to be a successful activity.
Nice feedback heard today.

Jamie Van den Bergh, Vanhout - Geel

The laughter workshop was better than expected. This workshop allows you and your colleagues to show another side of yourself in the work environment. It’s perfect for teambuilding

Sarah Borremans, B Post

Queen of the Office would like to thank you for the laughter workshops. The feedback shows it was a success, hopefully for you as an instructor as well

Queen of the Office Event, The Netherlands

Regarding the laughter session, nothing then good comments from all the participants. This was a welcome entertainment after a meeting of 3 hours. The laughter session was intense, super, relaxing, laughing, surprisingly, particularly with regard to timing, amusing. We enjoyed it! Certainly something to be repeated!

Francine Heeren, Cargill

De lachsessie werd als zeer positief ervaren door de ganse groep. Dank je Geert

Cindy Vanderschrieck, Coca-Cola Services
Geert Van De Vijver

Laughter Coach | Laughter Ambassador Belgium
Happiness Coach | Burnout prevention

Geert Van De Vijver

Premiere | The Barefoot Emperor | Ghent


Looking back with great pleasure on a super experience as Laughter Coach at the ...

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NN National Happiness Award 2019


Great news and so proud to announce that Smile at work is nominated for the NN ...

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World premiere The Barefoot Emperor - Toronto


So proud and gratefull to be a part of this wonderfull team ❤️

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Saluti! Looking forward to the Laughter Congress in Italy


Saluti! Looking forward to the Laughter Congress in Italy

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Radio Interview NRJ...


Teambuilding & incentives

Smile at work has proven to be an efficient tool for developing teambuilding skills, which are essential for business growth and productivity.

Laughter sessions enhance teamwork and boost work relations. They also help to improve work relations and problem solving.

Efficient teamwork improves internal and external communications and boosts confidence in the organization.

The business to personnel approach makes for an unforgettable experience.

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Seminars & conferences

Do you want your corporate event or seminar to start or end with a fun exercise? Smile at Work is the solution.
A laughter session is a unique activity, which can be organised on a small or a larger scale, according to your needs and wishes.

Smile at Work has an extensive network of event agencies to help you organize your event.

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Stress solutions

Laughter is the most efficient, cheap and simple remedy against stress. It’s a perfect tool for “Stress management”. Laughter makes the blood vessels swell and stimulates your blood circulation. Moreover, it relaxes the muscles and sets endorphins free which counter the excess of adrenaline and cortisol related to stress.

Laughter sessions help you to relax and put things in perspective. Negative stress is converted into positive stress. You will feel better both spiritually and physically.
If you wish, we can explore the phenomenon stress more extensively during the workshop and explain how laughter can be a remedy.

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Brand activations & product launches

Looking for an original way to place your Brand in a cheerful, ludic, hilarious or funny way? Then we would like to think with you to make this a great success!

In 2015, Geert participated in the new Coca Cola campaign with the new baseline "Choose Happiness.

Coca-Cola had the idea to support their “Choose happiness” campaign with a local market stunt. With the insight ‘happiness starts with a smile’, they created the Coca-Cola laughmob concept.
In order to have the biggest impact, it was their mission to make people laugh in an environment where they rarely smile. They choose the metro to do so. Watch the video to see how we turned subway faces into smiling ones!

The results on social media were mind-blowing: 

“Hearing his laughs made me happy”
“Bless him for making everyone laugh to ease their worries for a while”
“That man is the need of this world”
“This guy made me start laughing lol he has a funny laugh”
“Awesome man....I started laughing too”
“He cracks me up every time!”
“He made me also laugh”
“We need people like him”

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about Geert Van De Vijver

Geert Van De Vijver was born in 1971 and lives in beautiful Ghent. He’s been working in the FMCG business for more then 20 years.
A self-made man, Geert has worked his way up the ladder as a Key Account & Business Development Manager. His positive attitude, enthusiasm and sense of humor have always helped him in his career.
Geert is curious and driven, always broadening his horizons and always trying to re-invent himself.

In 2006 he left for Paris to take a course in laughter training and become a laughter coach. Since then, he’s been giving laughter workshops and laughter sessions in companies and at events. His creative approach was a success at Coca Cola, Ikea, Procter & Gamble, B Post and General Motors.

Moreover, Geert has appeared as a laughter coach on television shows in Belgium and Holland and has conducted the biggest laughter session in the world.
Geert has a mission to help people (re)discover their laugh and to stimulate them to laugh more. His contagious laugh leaves participants with a happy feeling, embracing the power of the laugh.

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