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Free laughter session during the International Day of Laughter


WLD 2023

As every year on the first Sunday of May, laughter sessions are organized in more than 110 countries around the world to draw attention to peace and the importance of laughter for friendship and fraternization.

Because this is still more than current, Laughter Coach and the Belgian Laughter Ambassador Geert Van De Vijver organizes a free Laughter Session on Sunday, May 7 at 11h00 in and with the grateful support the Zebrastraat in Ghent.

During the laughter session we will combine various fun and playful exercises with relaxation techniques to bring the participants in a good mood and closer together.

Registration is recommended to get an idea of the number of participants and capacity:

Sign up for the free laughter session

We hope for a numerous and warm turnout where friendship, connection and positivity will be the focus !

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